The Sickness Diaries: Part 1

They say write what you know, and what I know is snot.

The Sickness Diaries: Part 1

Today I've got the first chapter of a multi-part story for you. I'm going to share a chapter every week for the next few weeks. It's possibly the longest thing I've ever worked on - in fact I'm still working on the latter parts at the moment. It's sort of exciting putting the first part out while I haven't written the ending yet (though I know how it ends because it's about my life).

As I might have mentioned to anyone who was willing (or not) to listen, from September 2022 onwards, I was susceptible to any cold that came near me. Feeling a bit ill is maybe not the most excitement-inducing source material - I told a friend I was writing about this and she unenthusiastically commented, "write what you know, I guess". Well, plotting what was happening out as comics gave me something to do when I felt helpless and snotty! One thing after another seemed to pile up on us and I was interested in capturing that. Have you ever gotten to a point where you think: "if one more thing goes wrong, I'm going to lose my mind"? Well, this is the story of how Sarah and I ended up at that point.

But first, we must start at the beginning.

Thanks for reading. Part 2 will be coming your way next week!

L x