Who are you and what even is this page?

I'm Lesley, an artist/writer/overthinker. You might be here because of my Instagram, where I've been sharing my art for a few years.

You can think of this page as a mixture of a blog, a Patreon, and an email newsletter, where share new work in a more in-depth and exclusive way than on social media. I'm running this page on Ghost, a non-profit, open-source content hosting provider.

Why should I become a paid subscriber?

If you like the things that I make and want me to keep making them, the best way to support me is to become a paid subscriber! I love making work and sharing it, and I want to share as much of it for free as possible. If you like what I draw and write, if my Instagram posts or my prints have added some sort of value to your life and you'd like to support me, this is the way to do it. Think of it as old time-y patronage, or a monthly tip, an encouragement that says: the thing you do is cool, please keep doing it.

How do I become a paid subscriber?

Click here and choose your subscription option. You can choose between paying monthly or yearly. Payments are handled by Stripe, a secure payment processor. You won't need to sign in with a password once you've signed up - you'll be emailed a link, and once you've clicked that link your browser should remember!

What do I get as a paid subscriber?

I share work with paid subscribers that no-one else sees or before anyone else sees it. I currently don't operate on a strict schedule but I share posts 1-4 times a month, on Thursdays. What I send varies - in-depth personal stories, work in progress, or writing about my process. Once you're signed up, you will receive access to all subscriber-only posts in the archive. All future content will arrive in your email inbox. You'll also get discount codes for my shop, and, of course, my undying love and gratitude.

Why should I become a free subscriber?

You will not gain access to all the posts on here, but you'll still receive emails from me with my work and my thoughts. Sometimes, I'll share entire comics with free subscribers, sometimes it might just be a preview (a few panels). I'd still recommend signing up if you'd like to stay up to date with what I'm up to, especially if you like the idea of reading comics not on social media!

How do I change my subscription details?

Once you are signed up, you'll be able to manage your subscription in your account profile, for example to edit your details, change or cancel your plan, and update payment information. On mobile, click the button in the bottom right corner, or go to the sidebar and click "Account". On desktop, click the "Account" button in the top right corner of the screen. If you don't see the "Account" button, you'll need to sign it - click on the "Subscribe" button where it'll say "Already a member? Sign in". You'll be emailed a log-in link. Once you've signed in on a device once, you won't need to sign in again.

I'm confused, is this a blog or a newsletter?

It's both! You'll be emailed when I publish a new post, and all the posts are also available here on this site.

I don't want to receive emails.

Of course, you can turn the newsletter emails off - you’ll still be able to see the posts on the website.