Overheard Conversations

Great artists steal...right?

Overheard Conversations

August is almost over, and I have had a busy month.

I took a few refresher driving lessons - most people I told I was doing this reacted by saying either "That is unnecessary" OR "That is SO sensible!". I am of the opinion that many things in life fit into both of these categories (e.g. me packing 10 pairs of underwear to go away for 3 nights, ready for a streak of intense exercise and terrible accidents), so I am fine with this. Having seen the city from behind the wheel I am noticing all sorts of new (to me!) things, such as potholes and road markings.

I have gone to a few Edinburgh Fringe shows this year - the last time I remember the city feeling this busy was in 2019. I felt suddenly aware of how strange of a concept it is to pay money to sit in a room in silence with tons of people to look at and/or listen to someone do their thing for an hour or two. I love it.

I also started running a few months ago - a sentence I feel cringy writing but I promise I am going somewhere with this - and I have even gone to a few Parkruns, where I experienced the strange sensation of running with hundreds of other people. The sound of all those trainers on the road - a strange colourful stampede. What are we running from?! Why are we doing this?! I never thought that'd be something I'd enjoy, but it's cool.

What all these things have in common is that they have immersed me in crowds or have given me a slightly different way of thinking of things. This comic is sort of about that. Here we go.

Thank you for reading!

Yoghurt with bananas,

L x