A Day in the Life

Hourly Comics Day 2024

A Day in the Life

What would happen if you documented everything that you did in one day in comic form and posted it online? That's what Hourly Comic Day is, and it's something I've seen artists post about on Instagram for years, but never participated in myself. Until yesterday!

I can now tell you precisely what happens: you don't end up getting much else done other than drawing comics and you may have a mini identity crisis as you see what your life amounts to (eating granola and doing the washing up, in my case). I really enjoyed pushing myself to do this! Though, I'll be honest, at 23:30 I really wanted to go to bed and not post on Instagram, so you'll notice the length and quality of these dropping somewhat at the tail end.

Here they are!

P.S.: the chocolate cake is delicious. I forgot to mention this but it seems important.

Don't be a fool - eat some bread,

L x