Everything is okay

The tin of chickpeas and its inherent possibilities.

Everything is okay

The other day I thought to myself: "There is a tin of chickpeas in the cupboard and that means everything is okay". What I mean by this is that the tin of chickpeas could become lunch or dinner or even a snack, today or on a day in the future (tins of chickpeas never get to see many days of future in our kitchen, it's a position with a high turnover). The tin of chickpeas and its inherent possibilities reassure me and make me feel safe - I can go about my day in peace knowing it's there, waiting for me.

I tried to think of other examples of this comforting feeling. What makes me feel like everything is okay? Many more food-related thoughts came to mind, unsurprisingly. I did not include these as it is a little embarrassing to admit how much of my fragile mental state seems to be balanced upon round-the-clock availability of high quality bread and a well-stocked snack cupboard.

A lot of the above could have been way more specific, for example: I am on the bus and I am going to press the button to get off at my stop at exactly the right moment because yes, even though I make this journey every week I still have Google Maps open on my phone to follow along, just to double check! That didn't really flow as nicely as "I know where we're going", though.

I suppose all of these sentiments may just be things that I tell myself to believe - well, if it's a trick, it's a good one, it works on me!

Tidings of comfort and chickpeas,

L x