Elks, turtles and falcons

It's time for spring! And for some drawings of animals.

Elks, turtles and falcons

Hello! Today I am writing about unfurling trees and unfriendly elks, and I have a couple of drawings as well.

The clocks changed on Sunday, which means that it's lighter in my flat for longer. Also, I finally got around to putting a new light bulb into the hallway lamp, which has increased the amount of light available even more. If there is a light bulb out in your home that you have been meaning to change, you may take this as the sign to do so. But what I was getting at with the light is that it's beginning to look like spring! I noticed that the trees on my road have started sprouting new leaves - though that description really doesn't do the transformation justice. Do you ever look at trees in the winter and feel sad for them? They're like undressed mannequins in a shop window - naked, monochrome, exposed to the elements and stares. And then, one day, the tree says ENOUGH! and unfurls, reaching for the sky, gentle yet proud.

I had a dream the other night where I was heading to a school to start a new job as a primary school teacher. I was walking down a narrow road and two elks were blocking the path - every time I tried to walk past them, they would aggressively drive me away using their antlers. I was panicking - would I call the school? Would they believe my story? I thought this dream might be a fun thing to draw as a comic, and then I remembered that I was never a horse girl and drawing any hoofed mammal is very difficult. So, we won't find out how this story ends, unfortunately. Here is what I managed:

Reading recommendation: my elk drawing struggle reminded me of a very excellent New Yorker comic called How to Draw a Horse.

The animals featured in the following drawings are a falcon and a turtle: I thought they made a nice pair.

Well? Which one is it? Or are both true?

I hope you have a lovely week. Keep an eye out for interesting trees!

L x