Some stuff I've thought about while being 26 years old


Last year, a few months before my 26th birthday, I wrote some reflections about being 25. At the end of the comic, I wished for the following things for myself:
Just be patient. Listen. Get up every day and carry on.

I wont bore you with a lengthy analysis of how I think I've fared with those things, but I thought it might be interesting to repeat the exercise. I cut it pretty fine this year as I only have a few days left of being 26! Birthday maths are strange - on my birthday on Tuesday I won't begin my 27th year on this earth; that day marks me having completed it. So, am I really 26 if I'm about to begin my 28th year on this earth? But before I confuse myself more, I'll share what I wrote.

I followed the same formula here that I used in the comic last year. First, some statements summarising some of the things I've been thinking recently. Those bittersweet conflicting feelings of seeing good things in my life and being proud of myself, yet being really, really scared, too. And then some intentions that I want to take forward into the next year: Find the balance. Trust yourself. Be brave.

I also played with the composition of the pages a bit here, which is only visible when seeing them whole. See below - the full pages are harder to read on mobile which is why I split them into individual panels for posting online. As you might know, I like showing little fragments of scenes that technically make a whole when put together, or I let things carry on from one panel to the other. Here, the scene intentionally shifts from fragments to a whole image. Sort of to show that this is what I want to happen in my life general, for things to come together.

Thank you for reading!

L x